20 Years Experience in Environmental Exposure and Risk Assessment

We are a private research company focussing on environmental risk assessments of plant protection products and biocides. Although the company is rather new, we, the employees, have worked for years in this sector and provide extensive experience in the areas environmental fate and GIS modelling, ecotoxicological risk assessment, statistics and model or software/database development. To learn more about our expertise and what we can do for you, please contact us.

Our Philosophy

We believe that reliability and high quality work for a reasonable price are fundamental prerequisites for a good collaboration. It is very important to us, that you, our clients, are happy with both our services and products, and that you can rely on us. We therefore invest in our employees to keep their knowledge up to date and to make them competent partners. During our daily work, our aim is to provide a professional work flow and to be always open to new developments. We want to be a competent and reliable partner. Would you like to discuss your specific case?