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POLARIS software

POLARIS is a modelling framework for population-level risk assessment. It includes a specific risk assessment module for plant protection products, which is based on the current EFSA guidance document for the risk assessment of birds and mammals (EFSA, 2009).

Models for all relevant species for the mammal risk assessment in the EU are available (including Common Vole, Field Vole, Wood Mouse, European Rabbit, Brown Hare, Common Shrew, and others). The models have the purpose to predict potential impacts by agricutural practive or pesticides applicaiton by realistically reproducing the population dynamics of this species. Models are ‘individual based’ and ‘spatially explicit’, i.e. the behaviour of individuals in a given landscape is simulated. This includes simulation of survival, reproduction, spatial and other behaviours.

All species models were extensively validated regarding all key parameters (e.g. parameters related to spatial behaviour, reproduction and population dynamics) which may have an influence on the population dynamics and recovery from potential impacts. The POLARIS software includes detailed documentation, which includes an overview of the biology of each species, parameterisation, calibration, sensitivity analysis, verification and validation.

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