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PEC calculations

We conduct PEC calculations with EU-agreed FOCUS models and national exposure models to ensure a safe use of products.

PEC calculations for agrochemicals:

The calculation of Predicted Environmental Concentrations (PEC) in surface water and sediment, air, soil and groundwater is a requirement for the registration of Plant Protection Products in the EU.

We offer standard PEC calculations according to EU and country specific requirements:

  • National models (Exposit, EVA, HardSpec, FROGS, GeoPEARL, etc.)

As well as higher tier PEC calculations:

Software development for automation

To speed up the standard FOCUS modelling we developed an automation tool for the PEC calculations in surface water which starts the current FOCUS models on its own, facilitates the necessary step 4 simulations and extracts results into your dossier or report. For further information, please contact autopec ( at )

Following the recommendations made in the E-Link Workshop (Brock & al. 2009) to include time-variable exposure profiles in the aquatic risk assessment, we developed a software tool (EPAT) to extracted these exposure profiles from PEC result files. The inclusion of the exposure profiles offers new, more realistic endpoints for the ecotoxicological risk assessment.

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