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Tailor-made solutions

Especially when working with novel approaches, new, tailor-made software tools are often needed. Whenever you need to develop new software tools for scientific analyses, we are a compentetent partner with over 20 years of experience in computer programme development. Our experts are familiar with most programming languages and operating systems (for an example see our software for the evaluation of honeybee trials, however our experience ranges from business software, population models, statistical software, bioinformatics, and more).

Furthermore we develop web-based application development, e.g. to conduct online surveys (farmers survey for product usage or marketing analyses) or to provide a publicly available portal to conduct analyses.

Database development and maintenance completes this part of our portfolio. Databases, such as MS Access or the more advanced SQL databases Oracle or mySQL, are an efficient tool for both analysis and data mining. Easy-to-use frontends facilitate the work with our databases, also by users who are not familiar with the structure of relational databases.