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ALDiS – Automated landscape digitisation using machine learning

An automated landscape digitisation system based on artificial intelligence methods make it possible to efficiently digitise large landscapes.

ALDiS – Automated digitisation of large-scale landscapes

Are you tired of manual digitisation of large landscapes? Why not use automated digitisation systems? We developed a new automated digitisation system based on the latest artificial intelligence computer methods: ALDiS (Automated Landscape Digitisation System). While other systems apply segmentation methods to identify fields, settlements or forest or other features, our approach follows the way we humans see landscapes. We see the e.g. the field and not a bunch of more or less similar pixles. Time consuming post-processing of geometries has previously often has been necessary. With our new, artificial intelligence based approach, much less manual correction is needed, if any. Clear boundaries are detected and even small features such as roads are recognised. Automatically extracted field boundaries are as accurate as human interpretation. Our autmated digitisation system can be applied to various areas of GIS modelling, such as agricultural field mapping, environmental monitoring, public infrastructure and much more.

See some examples produced by our automatic recognition system: