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Statistics software GSS

GSS is easy to use, helping with the correct choice of tests and analyses and yet very powerful for professional statistical analyses by experts.

Statistics software GSS

GSS is statistics software for scientists, developed specifically to help users rapidly identify the correct statistical analysis. GSS stands for “Guided Statistics for Scientists”. GSS has a particularly powerful module for dose response analysis.

It can be intimidating to read across statistical text books, trying to find the correct statistical analysis for a study. And since statistics is such a large field, it is often difficult to understand when to use which analysis or test. We understand that scientists want to conduct appropriate statistics, but their focus is science and not statistics. Therefore, we developed GSS, a statistical software and support system, which helps scientists to quickly find and conduct the correct analyses. I.e. GSS is a guided statistical software system, that accompanies you during your analysis, step by step. Nevertheless, GSS is a powerful software with professional capabilities, offering many advanced options offered as expert settings when needed.

For more details, please see our dedicated GSS webpage.