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We develop scientific software for the evaluation of specific field or semi-field studies, for statistical analyses and for automation.

Scientific software to make the best of high quality studies

We focus on the development of scientific software and automation software. This includes the following programs (for further software product, please contact us).

Honeybee brood software

Software for evaluation of honeybee brood trials and colony assessment

HoneybeeComplete and IndiCounter is software for the evaluation of honeybee field (EPPO 170) and semi-field trials (OECD 75).

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Software for video assessment of forager losses in bees

VideoCounter is software for automated counting of honeybees or bumblebees leaving and entering their hives.

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Statistics software GSS

GSS is easy to use, helping with the correct choice of tests and analyses and yet very powerful for professional statistical analyses by experts.

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Kinetic software

KModeller is a software for a broad range of kinetic analyses, offering the use of simple to complex custom built compartment models.

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