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Kinetic software

KModeller is a software for a broad range of kinetic analyses, offering the use of simple to complex custom built compartment models.

Kinetic software

KModeller is a software for kinetic compartment modelling. KModeller offers functionalities to develop, calibrate, validate and apply user defined compartment models of all levels of complexity. Compartments can be created and placed by drag and drop. Flows between compartments can be easily connected using a large number of predefined fluxes. KModeller facilitates kinetic modelling for a large number of very different fields, for example:

  • Toxico- and pharmacokinetic models
  • Metabolic pathway models
  • Simulation of the distribution and accumulation of substances in the environment

Models can be calibrated automatically, to measured data in model compartments, w.g. concentrations. However, also observed effect data, observed in compartments, can be used for fitting (e.g. effects on survival, reproduction or body weight). Compartments can be linked to various predefined dose-response models.

Different fitting algorithms and likelihood functions are implemented to offer as much flexibility as possible. Advanced optimisation options facilitate fitting optimal parameter set also for complex models.

KModeller combines the user friendlyness of a software tool for beginners with the functionality used by experts. Therefore, KModeller can be used by students of different disciplines, e.g. environmental sciences, pharmacy, system sciences, biology, but is also a useful tool for experts.