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Environmental commitment


Since 2019 we have committed to become a carbon neutral company. We feel as a company we have the responsibility to conduct our business sustainably, also on the long term. We are therefore using 100% renewable electricity and we compensate all emissions from heating, travel and the production and transport of material by supporting compensation projects that are 90% certified with the CDM Gold Standard (offered e.g. by The CDM Gold Standard is only granted to compensation projects which help to reduce emissions sustainably, e.g. by installing solar panels, wind turbines or more efficient stoves in other parts of the world, where such installations would otherwise not be used. Of course CO2 compensation is only a fall back option to reduce emissions, when they cannot be avoided. Therefore, we plan our business travels responsibly, giving preference to trains and public transportation when possible (unless urgent transportation is needed to accomodate our clients needs). If you have any suggestions about how to reduce our footprint further, please let us know!

We are happy to be a carbon neutral company since end of 2019. We invite you to join us in our efforts to conduct sustainable business on the long-term and become carbon neutral! For reasons why you could also become carbon neutral, please see: